Photo special: Matchlight Motorcycle Show 2019

Yesterday the second edition of the Matchlight Motorcycle Show took place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. As the organizers describe it: “a carefully curated collection or hand-picked vintage and custom motorcycles by some of Europe’s best builders”. A few pics I took:

Very impressive, supercharged 1975 Ironhead by Kruyswater Motorfietsen:

Descendant Of A Weapon by Simon’s Custom:

1970 Shovelhead by Pancake Customs:

Piss Yellow Panhead by James Bull:

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Ride report: The Dutch 1000 – 2018 edition

I don’t think I have to introduce The Iron Butt Association and their rides. Long-distance riding challenges till your buns are burned, such as 1000 miles in 24 hours or visiting 48 US States in 10 days. When I learned that a similar ride was being organized in the Netherlands for the very first time, I got curious (and my buns got grumpy).

The event is called The Dutch 1000. The goal: to cover a predetermined route of 1000 km throughout the Netherlands within 24 hours, via a number of checkpoints.

Such rides aren’t really designed to take you on the most beautiful or most winding roads. It’s all about the distance and the challenge that comes with it. Can you endure the long hours, the saddle sore, your aching body? So a nice ride through jaw-dropping scenery wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.

The first edition of The Dutch 1000 would take place this year, but apparently there was more to it than the organizers had imagined, so this year they decided to do a “dress rehearsal”: a ride of 500 km instead of 1000, with as little motorway as possible.

The communication around the event was rather chaotic. Besides the website, there’s a Facebook page, event and group. Combined with enthusiastic organizers, we got so many posts that things became a bit cluttered. In the week before The Dutch for example, various tracks were shared, commented on, adapted and shared again. The fact that the organization wasn’t very well orchestrated could be declared: it was a last minute decision to plan a “demi-Dutch” this year.

Anyway, in the end everything worked out well, so on one Saturday morning in September I parked at Dani’s house, one of the organizers. Before leaving for the starting location, you could take your breakfast or a coffee. We were with about twenty participants, including three Belgians. Mainly allroads and touring bikes, I had a Continue reading