Photo special: Matchlight Motorcycle Show 2019

Yesterday the second edition of the Matchlight Motorcycle Show took place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. As the organizers describe it: “a carefully curated collection or hand-picked vintage and custom motorcycles by some of Europe’s best builders”. A few pics I took:

Very impressive, supercharged 1975 Ironhead by Kruyswater Motorfietsen:

Descendant Of A Weapon by Simon’s Custom:

1970 Shovelhead by Pancake Customs:

Piss Yellow Panhead by James Bull:

Intriguing 1969 Shovel by Jay Shepherd:

1975 Harley-Davidson SX 250 by Thermotec Coating:

1998 Evo by Aaron McGraw:

Nice detail on In-n-Out Classics’s very first built:

KH55 by Simon’s Custom:

’86 Harley Evo by Chopperbarn:

Best looking bike of the show (not just my opinion), a BSA A10 Golden Flash by Piston Jockey:

Beautifully decaying 1955 Triumph Thunderbird T110 by Lucky Luke’s Part Supply:

1942 Knucklehead by Vincent Summers:

1928 F-head by Star Twin Motors:

Peace out!

Meanwhile, outside:

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