Review: Gerbing G-12 heated gloves

About a year and a half ago I wrote a review of my Gerbing heated jacket. In a nutshell: I’m a big fan. I wear it during almost every ride (except on summer days of course), which proves that for a frequent rider like myself a heated jacket is more of a must-have than a luxury accessory.

At the start of the previous winter I switched my heated Mobile Warming gloves for the Gerbing G-12 heated gloves. They differ in power supply. The Mobile Warming gloves have rechargeable batteries while the Gerbing pair has to be connected to the bike’s battery via a cable.

The reason for the switch is that the heated jacket warmed my body decently but the gloves didn’t always warm my hands enough. For various reasons:

  • The batteries of the Mobile Warming gloves won’t last for hours. So I always played safe and set the temperature just high enough to get home before the batteries ran out. Which means: no comfortable warmth during freezing winter rides but just enough not to let my fingers transform into popsicles.
  • At temperatures around 0°C riding became painful, even with heated grips. Still it hurt less than ordinary winter gloves but a pleasure it surely was not.
  • If I forgot to recharge the batteries at night, the next day’s ride would be a torment.

With the Gerbing heated gloves all that is a thing of the past. Just connect them to the bike’s battery and set them as warm as you want. After a long summer this is my second winter with Continue reading