Review: BMW R nineT

The sexiest bike of the entire BMW Motorrad range is the BMW R nineT. That’s my conclusion after testing one for a week. Praising words from (mostly non-motorcycling) colleagues, a big thumbs up from a car driver at a traffic light, a spontaneous chat at the gas station. I got more feedback with the R nineT than with any test bike I ever rode.

The R nineT was launched in 2014 on the occasion of 90th anniversary of BMW Motorrad. So it comes as no surprise the nineT has classic looks. Though not as classic as, say, a Triumph Bonneville T100 Black. The Beemer has a modern twist to it and tries to charm café racer and custom fans with its extensive personalization possibilities.

Back to the basics

The essence of riding is what the R9T is all about. Everything that’s not essential went overboard. No frills. While other BMW models are crammed with traction control, mappings, tire pressure control, electronically adjustable suspension and other techno shizzle, the nineT only got a non-switchable ABS. On the other hand it has a stylish design, finished with sweet details such as the BMW logo in the headlight or the embossed nineT logo on the air intake.

The 1,170 cc boxer comes from the previous R 1200 generation, and is the last of the Beemers with this type of engine. It’s not the newest of the newest but has proven its qualities with a long track record. Air-cooled, in contrast to the liquid-cooled flat twins that BMW currently assembles. The gears are a little shorter than on the previous RT and GS, for a more lively riding behavior.

A flat twin also means you’ll experience Continue reading