Endurofun Midsummer Ride 2018

It had been a while since I rode out with Endurofun. From the allroad trip to the Alps in 2016 to be precise. One Saturday in July the stars finally aligned again. A good occasion too to use my Anakee Wilds for what they’re made for.

Endurofun’s Midsummer Ride slightly differs from their Spring and Autumn Rides. No departure in the morning but in the afternoon, after a sandwich lunch. A dinner closes off the day, and Endurofun also offer the possibility to stay overnight. Location: in the orchard of a fruit farmer.

In addition to allroads and enduro’s, 4×4’s can also participate in the Midsummer Ride. They all get different routes, the allroads even have four routes to choose from: soft, medium, nuts and hardcore.

I joined a group that picked the nuts route: Hugo on his Tiger 800, Stef with an Africa Twin and two Dutch boys (Africa Twin and CRF250L). I myself rode on my 800 GS. With the extremely dry Belgian summer the big question was how nuts our route would actually be. Could that tiny bit of rain overnight have caused a few mud pools?  Continue reading