Review: Zero SR

Just to be complete: I tested the Zero SR 14.4+ ZF75-10 MY 2022.

You can’t get past the electrification of cars nowadays. This year for example, I traded in my diesel-guzzling company car for a PHEV model. Electric motorcycles, on the other hand, are pretty much a rare sight. But the past EICMA made it clear that they are on their way. A few major manufacturers presented their vision of the future, which is often electric. With the Zero SR I was able to test such a combustion-free bike.

Founded in 2006 in California, Zero has been the reference within the electric segment for years. The SR I tested is a model year 2022, equipped with the well known 14.4+ ZF75-10 power source. Important detail: the 2023 model has some important upgrades. More on that later.

The lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 14.4 kWh powers a patented Z-Force motor that produces 166 Nm of torque and 75 hp. The plus sign in the name indicates that the battery pack can optionally be expanded to 17.3 kWh.

The battery is ultimately what this motorcycle is all about. The key question everyone asked me: how far can you ride it? According to Zero between 124 km on the highway (at 113 km/h) and 251 km in the city. I never made it that far. With an easygoing riding style, never exceeding 100 km/h, 160 km was possible.

Second most asked question: how long does it take to charge? From a normal socket about 4.5 hours for a full charge. Fast charging is not an option with the base model.

And question three: what does charging actually cost? I don’t normally care about fuel consumption on a motorcycle, but it’s not an irrelevant factor when considering an electric motorcycle.

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