First time on a pitbike

A few days ago I rode a pitbike for the first time. A pitbike is a mini-motorcycle which you ride on a kart circuit. It’s a bit related to racing on a track. Some knowledge of racing lines, cornering technique and other track skills certainly is useful. But even without it I’m sure you’ll have fun. With a group of eight we headed to Racelandkart.

First we did a 12-minute practice heat to discover the track, then we had a 15-minute break, followed by a 5-minute qualifying heat (to determine the starting grid) and a 12-minute competition heat which – to everyone’s surprise – Jan F won.

The first heat really was all about getting used to the pitbike (a 125 cc YCF SM: small, agile, not really furiously fast) and to the unknown track (short and sweeping). But in two heats you make a lot of progress and you take corners faster and faster round after round.

The competitive element makes it even more fun. It’s less dangerous than racing on the circuit too. You are close to the ground and the speed rates aren’t incredibly high. I once fell quite spectacularly but I just ended up with a bruised hip. And I wasn’t the only one who fell. Seems to be part of the game.

Great experience. To be repeated.

Photography & video: Pascale Vete

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