Bought: TomTom Rider 550

Some people are surprised if I tell them I don’t have a motorcycle GPS. I never really felt I needed one: friends with a GPS with whom I rode out, test bikes that could often be equipped with a GPS, organized rides where you just follow the pack. But I knew one day I would have to get one. Even if my old school solution (written instructions scotch-taped to my tank) is so cool.

So there you have it: I bought a TomTom Rider 550, at Waypoint Leuven. A Garmin also was an option because of the offroad possibilities, but after some reading around on the net, my good experience with the Rider 450 during the trip to the Alps last year, advice from GPS owning friends and MrGPS’s extensive review (in Dutch!), I decided to go with the TomTom. Long solo offroad rides aren’t on my agenda any time soon anyway.

Next week I’m off to the Vosges for a short trip. A good opportunity for a first extensive test.

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