Tow a caravan behind your motorcycle

If you travel by motorbike, you’ll spend the night in a hotel, a B&B, your tent or – why not – your caravan. Because towing a trailer behind your bike is an option too.

Moby1 builds caravans for motorcycles. You might lose a bit of riding pleasure because of the weight (between 280 and 320 lbs, depending on the model you get). And obviously you can’t expect a luxurious five star stay.

The Moby1 C2 caravan has a length of 80” and is available in two widths: 40” and 48”. In other words: if you don’t travel alone it’ll be very cozy.

A mattress covers the complete floor of the C2 caravan and there are some hanging cabinets. There’s also a rear door that conceals some more storage space and a worktop. Toilet, shower, dishwasher, microwave and jacuzzi are of course absent. Although every caravan is built to order, starting from $ 6.500 and according to the wishes of the customer, so you never know what you can ask for.

If you know other manufacturers of motorcycle caravans, please let us know in the comments below.

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